SAP Startup Focus Series: enersis suisse and Luisa Silva Pt.1
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SAP Startup Focus Series: enersis suisse and Luisa Silva Pt.1

The SAP Startup Focus Series is a showcase of the companies and people behind SAP's Startup Focus Program. The program enables young companies to make their big data, predictive and analytics solutions come to life with Hana.

According to their website, enersis suisse provides software services for the energy revolution. E3zine has had the chance to speak to enersis’ Chief Financial and Strategy Officer Christina Wuerthner on their vision and how SAP Startup Focus helped achieve their goals.

How and when did you have the idea for enersis and what has happened since?

Enersis suisse AG was created originally as a business and IT-Consulting firm for the energy branch. From the consulting projects the founder Thomas Koller recognized the need for a software which on a first level takes care of data quality and data management.

From here originated the enersis Big Data platform and subsequently various pilot applications based on it, as well as the vision of the Digital Energy Boardroom.

With this solution, in 2010, enersis was undoubtfully too early in the market.


The successful breakthrough came during the last 12 months with the increasing competitive pressure for utilities, particularly in Germany, and the realization that the development of renewable energy and the parallel decentralization are only manageable through stronger digitalization.

Since then the two “big” players E.ON and innogy in Germany are part of our customer base.

What kind of support did you get in starting your company?

The expansion of our startup software business was in focus since 2014 and  saw two funding rounds with business angels and one VC investor. These investments  were the basis for establishing the German subsidiary in the metropolitan area of Berlin.

The membership in the Startup Focus program started in 2015 with the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Precondition for our participation as startup on the SAP booth was the admission to the program.

Currently, we partner closely on the Go-To-Market, e.g. the participation in fairs and SAP events, but will also  intensify the technical co-operation. Our target is to also win projects through the SAP field organization.

Enersis was the first Hana OEM partner – why Hana?

To be more precise, enersis was the first OEM partner in the utilities segment. Through our IT- / SAP-Consulting activities there were close relationships with SAP in Switzerland.

Besides, enersis founder Thomas Koller is a computer scientist and IT Nerd and always upfront regarding innovations, so he knew about Hana straight from the launch.

He realized the potentials for Big Data applications in the energy industry and decided for this partnership. Up to today we don’t see any alternatives.

It is good to see that, meanwhile, also the introduction of S4 has started in the industry, so that we can build on its advantages as for example real time connectivity.

Where do you see the USP of your product & service offering?

Enersis has a dedicated focus on Visual Energy Analytics. We have our competence in the areas of energy / utilities, Big Data management, Data Science and Analytics.

In addition, we have a service team which has already implemented various big customer projects as consultants and project managers.

For our customers in utilities, smart cities and energy-intense companies we are the partner for software applications from one single source and can supply pilot projects within 3 months. – Today we are active in Europe concentrating on the D-A-CH countries.

What are the technical requirements regarding IT-infrastructure and data availability?

Enersis processes among others statistical, technical, financial and geo-referential data from various data and system sources. This data can be static, dynamic or even real-time.

Through special data models / algorithms we obtain new information and furthermore can produce prognoses and / or simulations.

Which requirements do customers have to fulfill with regard to their master data, infrastructure and IT systems?

Data must be available in digital formal or needs to be digitalized, but there is no pre-requisite for a company to be SAP user.

Through the enersis solution platform based on Hana, our own data model and a proprietary ETL / data import interface, we are flexible to access all kind of data formats and IT systems. This makes enersis unique and particularly fast in project realization.

How long does an implementation take on average and what kind of support do you provide for customers during a project’s planning stage?

Enersis gives support during solution finding and implementation. The solution platform of the Digital Energy Boardroom comprises a flexible, agile approach and makes 2-3 months realization time for a pilot possible.

In general, the rollout and implementation then depend on the size of the customer as well as the often requested addition functionalities – 2-3 years which are common for large IT projects, are not reality with enersis.

What are the next steps for enersis and how does the Startup Focus Program support you in those?

Enersis intends to further develop key accounts in Germany and Switzerland, increase standardization and scaling of the current products and commercialize its solutions further into the market.

Here, we want for sure make use of the good SAP presence and search for access through the internal organization to the huge SAP customer base.

Furthermore, international projects are certainly a logical next step.

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