SAP Creates Ethics Advisory Panel For Artificial Intelligence
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SAP Creates Ethics Advisory Panel For Artificial Intelligence

SAP announced its guiding principles for artificial intelligence and its creation of an external AI ethics advisory panel – the first European technology company to do so.

The panel, comprised of experts from academia, politics and industry, will ensure the adoption of the principles and further develop them. In collaboration with the AI steering committee at SAP, a group of SAP executives from development, strategy and human resources, the panel will decide on the question of how AI and ethics tie together.

The new guidelines, the external advisory panel and the internal committee aim to ensure an ethical framework of AI. Moreover, they want to make sure that AI capabilities maintain integrity and trust.

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High ethics standards

“SAP considers the ethical use of data a core value,” said Luka Mucic, chief financial officer of SAP. “We want to create software that enables the intelligent enterprise and actually improves people’s lives. Consequently, such principles as we have in mind will serve as the basis to make AI a technology that augments human talent.”

SAP guiding principles reflect the company’s aim to comply with high ethical standards. They highlight the core values SAP tries to apply to enable business beyond bias, maintain transparency and integrity.

These principles support SAP in trying to refuse to compromise on data protection and privacy. Furthermore, they enable SAP to be an active participant in aiming to resolve societal challenges of AI.

SAP already confirmed five members of the panel. Additionally, the company plans to add more members to the panel in coming months.

“AI offers immense opportunities. However, it also raises unprecedented and often unpredictable ethics challenges for society and humanity,” said Susan Liautaud. She is one of the already confirmed panel members. “The AI ethics advisory panel allows us to ensure an ethical AI, which serves humanity and benefits society.”


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