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SAP Business One – World Wide Leader

Many are unaware of the global coverage that SAP Business One currently enjoys. With nearly 60,000 customers worldwide SAP Business One has been referenced as the fastest growing ERP application in the world.

The reach this SAP solution has across languages and localizations contributes to this success for certain, but perhaps more impressive and the real reason for the success is the commitment to cutting edge technology.

From early introduction, SAP Business One made claim to uncommon ground.  The ability to extend the application to address industry specific requirements, and even the needs of individual businesses with niche processes; this has convinced tens of thousands that SAP Business One was the right choice.

Still the question persisted in some regions, “How committed is SAP to perpetuating SAP Business One long into the future?”

First ERP on Hana

At my count over the past ten years or so there have been approximately 250 plus new features and functions added to the core functionality.

This alone is an amazing demonstration of commitment from SAP.  The development resources required to create and maintain this code base on a global level is also demonstrative of the long-term belief that SAP has in the SMB marketplace and theirBusiness One customer base.

However, the greatest evidence thus far that SAP is fully committed to  Business One is the advent of Hana.  Did you know that Business One was the first SAP ERP application to be fully operational on Hana?  Don’t feel alone.  Most did not.

Did you know that Business One was the first SAP ERP application to be fully operational on Hana?  Don’t feel alone.  Most did not.

With SAP commitment to the Hana in-memory database as a part of their own long-term growth plans, it should give every SAP Business One customer great comfort in knowing that when aiming into the future SAP led with  Business One.

Today we are in the early stages of seeing global businesses, large medium and small transition to the cloud.  I predict that Business One will again be first and claim the leadership role in the SAP family of products.  What do I mean?

Leading the Digital Transformation

The Hana in-memory transition sets the stage for a new and exciting paradigm shift for SAP Business One customers and prospects.  We call it doing business in the Cloud!  Others  refer to this as  the digital transformation.  Business One has been a leader here also.

Many Business One Customers are today deploying their Business One solutions in private cloud-based systems hosted by a wide variety of cloud providers such as SAP, Amazon, Microsoft and others.

More impressive is that significant numbers of highly verticalized customers are deployed together on multi-tenant cloud-based systems, sharing resources and driving down costs, while enjoying the early benefits of these cloud environments.

SAP has once again invested in SAP Business One insuring their leadership in the market-place, creating an HTML web client which for almost all users will replace the traditional Fat-client.

There may remain a need for the traditional client for system administrators, but today most customers are looking to deploy using the web client.  This new web client drives down IT costs, delivers platform neutrality and serves up mobility on a grand scale.

Angry Birds for ERP

Still, this is only the beginning.  What is the future?  Some call it micro applications.  Most users will never use more than about 10% of the overall functionality within the SAP Business One client.

Our daily jobs are highly focused and for many repetitive.  The need to operate a fully operable client to access everything the software can do is not needed and simply adds a level of complexity to the user experience.

Enter Micro applications.  These small applications, able to be accessed from any device, especially mobile devices will deliver highly increased efficiency to employees.  Customers and Vendors will also find it easier to conduct business across the supply chain.

Sales personnel will spend more time with customers face-to-face with instant access to precise and accurate information about inventory and pricing.

We are fast on the way forward as the partner network for SAP Business One is busy creating solutions that move SAP Business One quickly and impressively into the cloud based future.

If you are interested in finding out what partners in the Business One community are capable of doing, you can find more information here.

I personally have refered to Business One as “Angry Birds” for ERP in the past.  Angry Birds, as most know, is a simple application anyone can download and play on their smart phone or other device.  Access is easy and learning it is simple – even a child can do it.

SAP Business One may not be as simple as Angry Birds just yet, but it will be very, very soon!

Vision 33

About the author

Carl Lewis, Vision 33

Carl Lewis is the Chief SAP Business One Ambassador for Vision33, the global leading SAP Business One Partner, and the primary author of the recent SAP Business One : Business User Guide published by SAP Press in December of 2016. In 2010 he founded the ASUG SAP Business One Summit, which this year transitions to the Biz.One Conference. One of the most prolific educational resources for SAP Business One, he has hosted over 600 YouTube videos about the software in the past 7 years. Few people have impacted the SAP Business One community on this scale.

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