San Fransisco State University Financial Planning Oracle Cloud [shutterstock: 547602508, Nirat.pix]
[shutterstock: 547602508, Nirat.pix]
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San Francisco State University Moves Financial Planning To Oracle Cloud

San Francisco State University (SFSU) has successfully moved its financial processes to Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

With Oracle Cloud EPM, SFSU’s finance team gains the transparency and flexibility needed for more accurate planning, budgeting, and forecasting. The improved processes will help to increase agility, improve insights and enhance business decision-making across the organization.

“The foundation we’ve built with Oracle Cloud EPM for our budget processes has enabled us to quickly adapt to unexpected conditions, especially when building budgets and financial plans for the coming years,” said Bernice Yeh, senior budget analyst, San Francisco State University. “We have been able to model scenarios to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and provide our school leaders with the correct information to allow them to make informed decisions.”

Working with Oracle and implementation partner Performance Architects, SFSU moved its financial reporting, analytics, budgeting and forecasting to Oracle EPM Cloud, with the final module going live in November 2020.

Having removed tedious manual processes, SFSU’s budget office can now adapt quickly to changing economic conditions with simple and insightful reporting and analytics. Finance leaders also have the ability to boil insights down to position-level detail to more effectively manage employees and optimize budgets. Oracle Cloud EPM’s scenario modeling capability enables SFSU to test a range of scenarios and assess potential responses, and build a 10-year strategic plan.


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