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Review: SAP Hana XSA: Native Development for SAP Hana

For an SAP developer, the initial planning stage sets the tone for the entire project. SAP Press’ new book supplies all the tools you need to design your native SAP Hana applications from the ground up.

What will you learn?

SAP Hana XSA: Native Development for SAP Hana delivers practical advice on how to use the latest development technology in the SAP Hana platform to design native SAP Hana applications. This book illustrates the methods for improving an SAP Hana system with custom-developed applications that give you exactly what you need.

Readers will be both educated and entertained by a detailed case study that walks them through the entire process of native SAP Hana development, from basic tools and architecture to debugging the application stack once the project is near completion. Developing applications by designing a data model, adding an application layer, and creating an SAPUI5 frontend are only a few of the tasks that this book focuses on.

Other highlights include:

  • Development environment
  • SAP Hana XSA architecture
  • Application layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Debugging
  • Sample code

Who is this book for?

Developers in the initial stages of planning or developing an application on the SAP Hana platform will find this book to be a major asset. Straight-forward explanations and concrete examples lead to insights into how to apply SAP Hana XSA technology to various projects. Developers who are familiar with the classic SAP Hana XS will also benefit from the in-depth coverage of SAP Hana XS Advanced and instructions for migrating an application from one to the other.

The experience of five SAP Hana experts is jam-packed within the 607 pages of this reference book. Francesco Alborghetti, Jonas Kohlbrenner, Abani Pattanayak, Dominik Schrank, and Primo Sboarina bring a combined 60 years of SAP knowledge to the table, and the readers of this book are the ones who will benefit.

You can find the book on the SAP Press website and read a sample chapter by clicking on the “Browse the Book” button beneath the book’s cover.

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