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Review – SAP Hana Security Guide

Data is priceless, and losing control of it can be a nightmare for large corporations and smaller businesses alike. For those running SAP Hana and unsure about the security of their databases, SAP Press’ latest book couldn’t come at a better time.

SAP Hana Security Guide, the complete reference to securing SAP Hana, serves as the market’s first book on Hana security and covers everything from authentication to auditing.

“How do you protect and defend your Hana database and application development platform?” the jacket copy asks. Answer: by following the steps laid out in this book.

What will you learn?

Along with SAP Press’ sister book SAP Hana Administration, this book contains the most beneficial 541 pages any system administrator could read.


Learn about all of your security options, including transmission of sensitive data via encryption and SSL certificates. Discover how to secure database objects and develop and assign roles so only those you want accessing data can.

Follow along with case studies to see how to provision and maintain master accounts, enable auditing, and set up security tracing.

Included is an in-depth look at privileges and roles, with ample time given to system, object, package, analytic, and application privileges so you understand how and when to use each type for Hana.

Explore Kerberos, SAML, and native authentication along with rules-based monitoring to record security activities. When it comes time for a security audit, you’ll have the tools to trace everything necessary, confirm a safe system, or determine the problem.

Why is this the best book on SAP Hana security?

SAP Press set the bar high for this project. The publishing team in Boston enlisted one of their top Hana experts, Jonathan Haun, as author.

Haun, who serves as a director for Protiviti’s Data and Analytics Group, brings more than 14 years of database administration to the table, providing readers the knowledge that can only come with experience.

Follow-along code makes the book an invaluable asset because it’s always easier to learn by doing. Follow Haun’s lead as he walks you through the steps to secure your Hana system using techniques he pioneered while in the field.

If you’re on a security team, Basis team, consulting project, or just want a little extra knowledge to implement at your organization that runs Hana, you’ll find value in this book.

No more will your system be unsecured!

You can find the book on the SAP Press website and read a sample chapter by clicking on the “Browse the Book” button beneath the book’s cover.

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