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Suse was playing its part right from the start of the SAP Linux Lab, located in Walldorf. The aim back then was to develop an open-source-based Enterprise Linux for mission-critical SAP use.

Looking back at SAP and Linux Lab, 2006 was a significant year for Suse. Firstly, Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications was formally given preference for the use of the Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) of SAP. Secondly, SAP decided to use Suse as its development platform for the software development.

It was primarily the latter that led to Suse being able to advance into the position of Linux-technology leader in the SAP environment.

A year later, XEN – the first virtualization platform released for SAP use – saw the light of day; since Version 10, Xen is integrated in SLES. It is significant that the open-source solution was integrated into the support-framework, in accordance with the SAP rules.


Also in 2007: in connection with the so-called Business Fast Start programme, the installation wizard was developed for SAP installations and Suse installations.

In addition, SLES was selected by SAP as standard for Business By Design, serving as the sole supported Linux platform, then and now. There followed the integration of Suse into the then-secret ‘Hana project’ in 2009. The in-memory project crucially changed SAP’s DB strategy, and Suse’s exclusivity for Hana spanned a five-year period.

High Availability

Since 2010, the topic of high availability has been pushed ahead, in cooperation between Suse and the SAP Linux Lab. The same applies to the cooperation with Amazon Web Services – namely in relation to SLES availability for AWS.

Certainly 2011 was an exciting year, one in which Suse developed the SAP platform, optimized for SAP Netweaver and SAP Hana – “One Codebase from the SAP Private Cloud right through to Hana”. A year later, 2012, Suse celebrated 20 years’ involvement in the SAP Partner Port. Another factor that was significant then: the certification of the reference architecture for HA in the SAP environment, based on the joint SAP-Suse innovation regarding the Suse Linux Enterprise Server HA Extension (HAE).

Over the last year, through the cooperation with SAP and IBM in the SAP Linux Lab, Suse likewise provided sustained support to the availability of Hana and SLES on an IBM Power 8 server. Another innovation: the provision of Hana on Microsoft’s cloud-platform, Azure, using SLES for SAP Applications as its operating-system platform.

Suse and E-3 Magazine (German) Cover Story June 2016

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