Nutanix Partners With Hardis To Deliver IoT Solution For Supply Chain
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Nutanix Partners With Hardis To Deliver IoT Solution For Supply Chain

Nutanix announced a partnership with Hardis Group to deliver Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT, an innovative solution to manage supply chain operations efficiency.

Available now, Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT is a supply chain optimization solution comprised of Hardis Vision Insights software running as a container on the Nutanix Xi IoT platform.

This solution will help companies harness the potential of cognitive services (image and voice recognition), IoT, edge computing, and machine learning technologies to dramatically improve efficiency, traceability, and safety of logistics and supply chain operations in warehouses, factories and distribution centers.

Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT allows Hardis’ Vision Insight customers to get easy traceability of assets through real-time image monitoring and recognition. For example, sensor data from cameras, fixed or embedded on systems such as an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) or cart, will be ingested into the Xi IoT platform through data pipelines and passed to Vision Insights for AI inferencing at the edge.


This enables the creation of a digital twin of the warehouse and real-time analysis of a situation, which can include comprehensive visibility of a specific logistics process flow, number of pallets incorrectly positioned, wet or damaged package detection, or an operator not equipped with proper safety equipment.

Any anomalies in the image recognition are sent to the Hardis Group cloud for deep learning purposes and the entire edge platform is managed by the Xi IoT SaaS management.

Nutanix and Hardis address common supply chain challenges

By bringing this new solution to market with Hardis as part of their new Vision Insights and IoT Insights programs, Nutanix helps its customers address common supply chain operations challenges such as efficiency, traceability and safety. Key benefits of this solution include:

  • Ability to centrally deploy, secure, monitor and manage the lifecycle of supply chain applications and AI models across thousands of edge locations;
  • Capability to seamlessly work with existing remote camera deployments for a quick path to ROI;
  • And support for a large variety of edge hardware devices to accommodate nearly any logistics facility.

By partnering with Nutanix’s Xi IoT platform, Hardis was able to focus on the business logic behind their Vision Insights program, and dramatically decrease the time to develop the application, go-to-market, onboard and prove ROI to its customers, as well as drastically improve IoT security, app debuggability and manageability.


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