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[shutterstock: 761907082, Gorodenkoff]
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New Forcam Manufacturing Connector To Microsoft Power Automate

Forcam now offers manufacturing companies an electronic bridge to the app ecosystem Microsoft Power Automate. With the connector, factory teams can significantly improve tasks and workflows in production with minimal effort.

Microsoft Power Automate is an ecosystem of around 400 well-known apps, including Excel, Facebook, Outlook, Salesforce, Skype, Trello, and many others. The goal is to empower users to automate repetitive business processes and set up smart workflows for a variety of purposes. The new Forcam connector ‘Force Bridge’ on Microsoft Power Automate builds the bridge between the Microsoft App ecosystem and the production data of a manufacturing company.

The technological home port of the new connector is Forcam’s main product, the turnkey and cloud-based IIoT platform solution Forcam Force. Its central element is the platform ‘Force Bridge’ for real-time analysis in manufacturing. This platform is the bridgehead of the connector on Forcam’s side.

Andrea Roesinger, Co-CEO of Forcam, responsible for development as well as service and support, comments, “Our connector enables manufacturing companies to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. The connector ensures that factory activities can be made more efficient and less risky. Ultimately, the connector represents a new manufacturing experience with Factory Work 4.0.”



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