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Cloud Press Release

New Features For Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization

Flexera announced new product features and industry momentum for Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization.

Flexera’s flagship platform, Flexera One, is a platform that delivers the power to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and maximize every technology investment. It offers technology value optimization (TVO) through IT visibility, IT asset management (ITAM), cloud cost optimization (CCO), and cloud migration and modernization.

Flexera continues to work with its customers and the broader FinOps community. Recent innovations include:

  • Cloud spend anomaly detection. Anomaly analysis and detection in cloud spend based on any dimension. Choose business dimensions across multiple cloud costs. Look within automatically calculated thresholds at an account level and identify which services are driving outliers.
  • Cloud spend forecasting. Straight line, linear regression and moving average, configurable look back, projection options, and categorization by relevant dimensions.
  • Usage forecasting. Project usage by region, account or business dimension to support commitment and capacity planning decisions.
  • Cross-platform cost ingestion. Common bill ingestion of any cloud or other costs into the platform. Flexera supports Alibaba Cloud, Azure China, Oracle cloud and the ingestion of data from any other service or source, including labor and full-time equivalent (FTE) costs, on-prem licensing or any cost to provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) view.
  • Contextualized multi-cloud data. Complement existing hybrid and multi-cloud tagging strategies by ingesting attributes from CMDBs, enterprise architecture tools, or other repositories.
  • Integration with existing tools. Push cloud spend recommendations into existing tools, such as JIRA and ServiceNow, using Flexera’s automation engine. Engineers can use these existing tools to prioritize optimization initiatives.
  • Currency adjustment program. Automatic conversion of cloud costs to any currency through integration with Xe.com. This makes multi-cloud strategies more effective for global enterprises that work across multiple currencies.

Beyond product innovation, Flexera’s commitment to the field of FinOps includes active involvement in initiatives that help advance cloud financial management.

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