NetApp Provides EF600 For Analytics
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NetApp Provides EF600 For Analytics

NetApp announced the NetApp EF600 storage array. The EF600 is an end-to-end NVMe midrange array that accelerates access to data and empowers companies to rapidly develop new insights for performance-sensitive workloads.

Organizations are looking for ways to improve the speed and responsiveness of the applications that control their critical business operations. Because application performance is a key driver of time to market, revenue, and customer satisfaction, it’s crucial that companies operate at the highest levels with maximum efficiency. The end-to-end NVMe EF600 array doubles the performance of currently available all-flash arrays that use the serial-attached SCSI (SAS) protocol.

This technology allows organizations to accelerate write IOPS and read/write throughput with an end-to-end NVMe storage system that’s purpose-built for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

“The storage industry is currently transitioning from the SAS to the NVMe protocol. This significantly increases the speed of access to data,” said Tim Stammers, senior analyst, 451 Research. “But conventional storage systems do not fully exploit NVMe performance, because of latencies imposed by their main controllers. NetApp’s E-Series systems aim to address this architectural issue and work best in performance-sensitive applications. The EF600 sets a new level of performance for the E-Series. It does this by introducing end-to-end support for NVMe. IT organizations looking for high-speed storage to serve analytics and other data-intensive applications should consider NVMe.”


EF600 helps unlock the value of data

“NetApp has been a leader in supporting Mellanox NVMe-oF network controllers on their EF-Series and E-Series arrays, including both NVMe/IB and NVMe/RoCE available now with the latest EF600 platform,” said Rob Davis, vice president of storage technology at Mellanox. “We look forward to continuing our partnership of innovation with NetApp to accelerate the industry’s transition to NVMe-oF.”

“Getting value and insights quickly and reliably from a range of mixed workload environments can allow organizations to differentiate from their competitors. It also accelerates their time to market,” said Robin Huber, vice president and general manager of E-Series, NetApp. “The EF600 helps customers unlock the value of their data. In addition, customers rapidly develop insights that were previously unrealistic for performance-sensitive workloads; real-time analytics; and high-performance computing applications on top of a BeeGFS high-performance parallel file system.”

The EF600 all-flash array delivers 2 million sustained IOPS, response times under 100 microseconds, and 44GBps of throughput. Furthermore, it offers a leading price/performance ratio for enterprise workloads. With the array’s trusted simplicity, the modular design and simple management tools make it easy to scale the EF600 without adding management complexity.


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