Micro-Services With Big Impact - /data.mill for SAP
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Micro-Services With Big Impact – /data.mill for SAP

Micro-Services are small digital tools which are optimized to do just one thing, for example find geocoordinates for a certain address. In a data-driven world, these micro services can have a huge impact by validating, correcting and enriching personal data and company information. The increase of data quality in customer databases give new possibilities for analysis, personalization and customer interaction.

/data.mill is a powerful and versatile micro service bundle with essential functions for all aspects of data quality and now available at the SAP API Business Hub.

The SAP API Business hub is the central catalog of SAP and selected partner APIs for SAP developers to search, discover, test and consume APIs for the SAP Cloud Platform.

With the integration of /data.mill into SAP, the full potential of cloud based data optimization is available for all applications running on the SAP Cloud Platform and beyond.


SAP CEO McDermott stressed the importance of APIs at Ariba Live 2017 in Las Vegas an at SapphireNow in Orlando recently, recognizing the need for high-pace development of innovations by both SAP and their partners.

Poor Data Quality – High Costs

Latest estimates showed that bad data quality has a huge impact on today’s economy. An IBM research predicts that poor data quality costs the US economy around $ 3.1 trillion every year.

These numbers are even more alarming because the costs for good data quality are low.

“The cost of a correction and validation of a set of consumer data with name, postal address, email-address and telephone number is less than 15 cents per entry,” describes Thiemo Sammern, Managing Partner of Methis, the software company behind /data.mill.

For more sophisticated data, e.g. company information like number of employees, annual revenue or CEO name, single digit costs are to be expected.

“Data quality must be available and pay off for every organization. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few thousand sets of data or millions”, Thiemo Sammern concludes.

/data.mill outside SAP

The essential  functions to correct, validate and enrich data are also available for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The solution is also available for applications, which means every web-based software like CRM-Systems or webforms can be connnected.

“We also just launched /data.mill online, which features all functions in your browser and is perfectly usable for single requests and testing our functions.” Thiemo Sammern announces.


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