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[shutterstock: 698744467, Alexander Supertramp]
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Lemongrass Launches Disaster Recovery Service For SAP On AWS

Lemongrass' disaster recovery service ensures quick recoverability of a client’s complex, integrated environment into the cloud, eliminating data loss and maintaining data integrity.

Lemongrass, the SAP-to-AWS professional and managed services company, has launched a disaster recovery service for companies with SAP systems running in on-premises or cloud environments. The service, which leverages CloudEndure, enables the automated, quick cutover of targeted machines into AWS.

Disaster recovery is a critical component of any business continuity plan. Many companies struggle to achieve the recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives the business requires for their most critical applications. SAP is considered an organization’s spinal fluid – any downtime can mean severe business disruption.

The Lemongrass disaster recovery service formalizes its longstanding process as a repeatable framework, combining best-of-breed software from AWS and CloudEndure with decades of SAP architecture experience from Lemongrass to ensure a quick recoverability of a client’s highly complex integrated environment, while eliminating data loss and maximizing data integrity.

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