KGS Solutions Made Available to the Non-SAP World
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KGS Solutions Made Available to the Non-SAP World

The latest addition to the KGS product suite is a web service that enables simple integration without imposing any specific programming language. As a result, the modern web technology enables any application to archive and search associated documents and data in the KGS ContentServer4Storage solution.

The new solution connects any application with the proven KGS technology that has been enhancing SAP environments for many years, delivering better performance and reliability.

Even customer portals can be integrated with little effort, empowering customers to implement any solution scenario based on the fair and affordable licensing terms typical for KGS. The only prerequisite for operating the solution is that documents need to be archived with a unique ID to assure quick retrieval. The document itself can be viewed and processed in the source specialist application or the customer portal.

Thanks to this feature set, KGS WebAPI seamlessly connects individual specialist applications with the KGS archiving solution firmly established in the SAP world. One of Germany’s largest power suppliers recently chose KGS WebAPI andontentServer4Storage to implement an archiving service that provides any number of users with high-performance access to millions of documents.

KGS ContentServer4Storage is a high-performance SAP document archive, developed with the needs of the end user in mind. It offers GDPR compliant data and document archiving, as well as print lists and other types – all while using SAP’s standard ArchiveLink interface as well as BC-ILM certification.


Although it was originally designed specifically for the needs of SAP archiving,  ContentServer4Storage is now a unique archiving solution which also meets the highest performance requirements for the cloud or on premises. The seamless integration into SAP standards makes it easier to implement and maintain. The implementation of a KGS SAP document archive into business can streamline the way that a company manages SAP data and processes. Users can continue in the SAP application environment for data and document viewing, making it an easy to use environment with more available functions.

In addition to SAP integration, ContentServer4Storage also works with existing storage and hardware security module solutions. There are no additional servers, equipment, or software necessary for archiving. The document archive also works in combination with other KGS products to create a modern, more efficient SAP-centric content management or document management system.


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