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Compliance Press Release

KGS Receives Renewed SAP Certification For Archive Interfaces

SAP has reconfirmed certification of KGS for the following interfaces: BC-ILM 3.1 – SAP ILM – WebDav Storage Interface 3.1 and BC-AL 7.40 – ArchiveLink for Archiving Systems 7.40.

The KGS ContentServer4Storage SAP archive holds certification for the latest versions of all archive interfaces needed to implement the GDPR: BC ILM 3.1, BC-AL 7.40, S/4-BC ILM 1.0 and S/4-BC-AL 7.40. SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) empowers SAP users to meet the provisions defined in the GDPR.

A key requirement for this is an archive that implements a certified ILM interface. KGS was the first manufacturer to receive SAP NetWeaver ILM 3.1 certification.

Most archive providers do not have such an extensively certified portfolio: While SAP ArchiveLink is supported by most vendors, SAP ILM, ILM 3.1 and the ILM interface for SAP S/4 Hana are not standard options.



KGS archive helping with GDPR compliance

In addition, the tests carried out by SAP as part of the certification procedure demonstrated once again the high quality of the archive, in particular when it comes to speed. This underscores the expertise of KGS in the areas of archiving, archive migration and document management in SAP environments.

“Implementing the requirements set forth by the GDPR and migrating to S/4 Hana are the two key challenges SAP user companies face today. Given the wide range of interfaces, there are several ways to go about implementing the associated archiving requirements,” explains Johanna Zinn, Head of Marketing at KGS. “In this context, a single archive that is certified for all relevant interfaces provides SAP customers with the greatest possible operational flexibility. Regardless of whether ECC 6.0 or S/4 Hana is the leading system, SAP users can connect our intelligent archive with their interface of choice, ArchiveLink or ILM.”


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