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KGS Certified for S/4-related Document Archiving
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KGS Certified for S/4-related Document Archiving

KGS was successful in gaining the S/4-BC-AL 7.40 certification for their ContentServer4Storage archive. This means their solution now officially supports the ArchiveLink interface for S/4.

The function range includes http – Content Server, OLE Frontend and Barcode BAP. Last fall, KGS already received certification for NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management.

ContentServer4Storage is a high-performance archive specifically designed to address SAP archiving needs. It facilitates legally compliant archiving of data, print lists and documents both via ArchiveLink and BC ILM.

“Our products always keep stride with the current SAP release plan,” explains Jochem Brost, Team Manager Marketing at KGS.



“This is essential for our customers, as it means they can rest assured that with KGS they have chosen a competent and innovative partner for SAP archiving and document management.”

The S/4  platform will continue to support archiving via ArchiveLink or the Webdav interface. ContentServer4Storage allows SAP users to manage and archive their documents using any of the two certified methods. Certification for the new S/4 ArchiveLink expands the range of options available.

Improvements On A Live System

How the system can improve live operations is demonstrated by a user report from KGS dating back to January 2017. SCA a leading provider of adhesive and dosing technology products introduced the software for archiving and document storage.

ContentServer4Storage replaced the SCA legacy storage system, which had become unable to ensure reliable data processes.

Various unique features of the solution convinced the member company of the Atlas-Copco Group to opt for this product. Thanks to ContentServer4Storage, SCA no longer needs to maintain a separate database or perform separate indexing.

Other arguments in favor of the solution included its low administrative footprint and the option of running the migration automatically in the background, thus preventing any system downtime.

KGS transferred SAP-relevant data from the legacy system discreetly and without causing any disruptions to daily operations using their proprietary Migration4Archivelink tool.

The new system was rapidly installed and commissioned. For the 400 to 500 users, this has resulted in much faster handling of SAP-related data, while the IT department benefits from significantly lower administration costs when compared to traditional solutions.

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