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IoT Survey 2019: Benchmark For The IoT Platform Market
Internet of Things Press Release

IoT Survey 2019: Benchmark For The IoT Platform Market

Research and consulting firm teknowlogy has published the results of its IoT Survey 2019. It is the first survey of its kind to evaluate leading IoT platform providers based on the feedback of more than 2,000 users, e.g. developers, administrators or project managers, from all over the world.

Among the evaluated platform providers were Altair SmartCore, AWS, Bosch Software Innovations, Device Insight, Digimondo, Eurotech, Fiware, Google, and Microsoft. The survey provides an invaluable resource to companies in the process of identifying a suitable IoT platform for their specific needs, as well as to vendors eager to know how they perform against their competitors.

There is hardly any other market that is as dynamic and hard to predict as the one for IoT platforms. That is because a huge number of providers offer highly diverse types of IoT platforms. They also often come with different perks, like more security or blockchain technology. Most user companies have in common that they lack one holistic source that covers and compares the many different kinds of IoT platforms to help them decide in which to invest.

“The market for IoT platforms is gaining in maturity, and the number of live users is growing. This is where the IoT Survey comes in. It gives a voice to the users of IoT platforms. This way, they can share their experience with one or several different IoT platforms first hand,” says Arnold Vogt, teknowlogy. “We are happy to present the world’s first comprehensive market overview from a user perspective.”



Reduce complexity in IoT

Users rate providers based on 24 key performance indicators (KPIs) in six different categories. KPI dashboards help to provide precise information at a glance. In addition, the providers are segmented into eight different peer groups, so that competing products can be easily identified and a fair and useful comparison of products is possible.

Teknowlogy analysts defined the peer groups using their experience and judgment, and they made the categorization according to different provider sizes, locations, and product-related focus topics: device development, device management, rapid application development, and analytics. One or more overview charts display the provider rankings for each KPI and peer group.

Product satisfaction and vendor support drive recommendation rate

The IoT Survey shows the recommendation rate as a key indicator of overall user satisfaction. There are multiple KPIs that play an important role when it comes to the impact on user recommendations; however, teknowlogy analysts identified product satisfaction and supplier support as the key drivers across the platforms.

What was surprising to see was that some users made a recommendation for an IoT platform even though they stated not being entirely satisfied with the product itself or the associated supplier support. In each of these cases, other KPIs prevailed.


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