Oxya: International Organizations In Action
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Oxya: International Organizations In Action

Oxya is one company which uses the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for VMware vSphere with an SAP environment.

Oxya was founded 1998 in France. It primarily serves the North American and European market, although it also has an operation in Japan. It operates SAP data centers around the world. Its sector experience includes manufacturing, retail, chemicals, administration, energy, transportation, and high-tech. It was acquired by Hitachi in 2015.

The company uses Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for VMware vSphere to manage critical 24/7 SAP environments for more than 230 hosted enterprise customers and 190,000 SAP users. Another HDS customer is the Asia Capital Reinsurance Group. This company was able to consolidate its business warehouse with the Hitachi UCP for SAP Hana and thus use much large data volumes more efficiently.



Hitachi Data Systems and E-3 Magazine (German) Cover Story June 2014

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