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HVR Announces Strategic Partnership With Talend

HVR Software announced a strategic partnership with Talend, allowing customers to integrate their data for a complete view of business operations and analytics.

“More so than ever, data is only increasing in volume and complexity, and organizations must keep their systems up and running 24/7, leaving no availability for downtime,” said John Sedleniek, Global Vice President of Sales for HVR. “This partnership with Talend delivers a scalable solution that allows updates in near real-time, providing analytical environments with fresh, up-to-date data.”

HVR’s enterprise-grade log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) paired with Talend Data Fabric feeds customers’ end sources with complete, accurate, real-time data while reducing resource load. Together, these solutions bridge legacy and cloud systems and provide a set of end-to-end capabilities that enable efficiency, security, and faster delivery of data to the end-user.

HVR and Talend deliver engine for data processing

HVR’s low-latency CDC technology complements Talend’s integration technology with a replicated data set. This provides a good starting point for extraction to a variety of heterogeneous data sources, including data lakes and data warehouses, as well as streaming and cloud-based platforms.


“The combination of Talend and HVR technologies delivers an optimal engine for data processing and availability,” said Mike Pickett, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development for Talend. “By partnering with HVR and their ability to capture real-time changes in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others, we provide a combined solution that meets the growing demand for constant data, giving organizations a competitive edge in today’s data-driven landscape.”

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