GDPR Toolbox Provides Clarity On Personal Data
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GDPR Toolbox Provides Clarity On Personal Data

GDPR can be a challenge for many medium-sized companies. Not only in terms of organization, but also with regard to data storage, documentation and deadline management. The GDPR Toolbox adds missing functions to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV enterprise software, such as creating reports for data subjects or managing deadlines for the deletion or anonymization of data.

The GDPR compliance software is easy to install and also works with older versions of the ERP system. This gives companies a detailed overview of relevant activities and all of the stored personal data.

The two-year transitional period to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expired in May this year. Although there has been no tidal wave of cautions so far, this does not mean that companies can sit back and relax.

After all, it is not just the economy that is struggling with start-up difficulties, but also the regulatory authorities. Controls are thus likely to increase in the future. It is therefore important to frame processes and data storage in accordance with the law.

The ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports the provisions of the GDPR from version 2015. However, they will only receive support in a very inconvenient way.

Microsoft does not provide any solutions for older versions, and even in the latest versions GDPR normally requires a lot of manual effort, making it not very practical. The system can neither manage deletion and anonymization deadlines nor document data subject requests, or create user reports.

Keeping an Eye on Personal Data

A good alternative is the GDPR Toolbox, which Cosmo Consult distributes together with the developer TSO-Data. This plug-in takes care of the structured and transparent documentation of personal data and data subject requests.

This means that employees will always be in a good position to provide information and individual cases can be fully traced later on. In addition, special reports can give you a quick overview of the general state of the processed personal data.

Since only a few standard objects need adaptation to implement it, the GDPR Toolbox is relatively easy to implement. In addition to the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV program, other modules, industry solutions and customized extensions can also be added. The ERP system does not need to be updated for this.

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR toolkit brings order to personal data. Companies know,

  • which data is stored,
  • where it comes from,
  • why it is held and processed,
  • how it is used,
  • and whether appropriate authorization exists.

Just as important is keeping an eye on the requests and deadlines associated with data storage. The solution can fully automate this process. The full documentation of all GDPR related activities thus completes the functional scope. Those who use Microsoft Dynamics NAV can leave a large part of the administrative work to the ERP system.

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