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[shutterstock: 1025555566, Stokkete]
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Fujitsu Innovates Magnetic Tape Storage High-Speed Access Technology

Fujitsu announced the development of a high-speed access technology for magnetic tape storage, which is attracting renewed interest as a low-cost, large-capacity storage solution alternative to hard disks (HDD).

Fujitsu has successfully expanded the functionality of LTFS by innovating a unique file system that virtually integrates multiple tape cartridges.

By improving random read performance from tape through data management and access order control in accordance with tape characteristics, the new technology successfully achieves speeds 4.1 times faster than conventional methods.

This technology will accelerate the adoption of magnetic tape storage technology as an archival medium in anticipation of the exponential growth of data in the future. By promoting this technology, Fujitsu will help companies to achieve their digital transformation goals through data storage solutions that offer superior performance at a reasonable cost.

Fujitsu is currently conducting a verification trial assuming the application of this technology to its operations, with plans to commercialize the technology by the end of fiscal year 2022.

What the Fujitsu technology can do

Fujitsu has constructed a hierarchical storage system for HDDs and magnetic tapes by using Ceph, an open source distributed storage software, and evaluated the access performance of the system.

As a result, the time required to read 100 files randomly from a total of 50,000 individual 100 MB files stored on magnetic tape was 5,400 seconds with the conventional method. By using the new technology, it was possible to confirm a read in 1,300 seconds, which is 4.1 times faster than the conventional method.

In addition, while the conventional method required 2.5 seconds to move 256 individual 1 MB files on the HDD onto magnetic tape, the new technology enabled Fujitsu to confirm data movement in 1.3 seconds, which is 1.9 times faster than the conventional method.

This technology enables high-speed tape access performance, such as random reads and writes of various sizes occurring in archive applications, and is expected to provide a cost-effective data archiving infrastructure for long-term archiving of large volumes of data.


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