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[shutterstock: 2046698978, petrmalinak]
Management Press Release

Fujitsu, Dentsu And ISID Embark On Strategic Cooperation

Fujitsu, Dentsu and ISID embark on a strategic cooperation to contribute to sustainable business growth for customers and resolve environmental and social issues.

Fujitsu, Dentsu, and Information Services International (ISID) announced their strategic partnership toward the realization of a customer-oriented transformation along three value chains: demand chain, supply chain, and engineering chain. Through their cooperation, the companies aim to contribute to the continued business growth of client companies and resolve environmental and social issues to achieve carbon neutrality.

As part of their partnership, the parties aim to support efficient coordination between the three aforementioned value chains of their customers by leveraging Fujitsu’s know-how in supply chain management related business systems and various supply chain optimization technologies, Dentsu’s strengths in customer insights and planning and production capabilities in demand chains, and ISID’s extensive experience and knowledge in engineering chains.

The companies aim to implement a system that helps their customers to immediately respond to consumers’ diversifying needs by capturing changes in their behavior. The companies will further work to implement measures to support their customers in achieving net-zero CO2 emissions in their businesses. These efforts will include the creation of models for supply and demand optimization based on customer-oriented product design, as well as demand forecasts to reduce the waste of resources and energy in the manufacturing process to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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