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SAP Partner FIS-ASP Opts For Suse Cloud
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SAP Partner FIS-ASP Opts For Suse Cloud

FIS-ASP is expanding an IaaS computer offering for SAP customers. A core element in this is the Enterprise distribution of Suse Cloud, based on the latest OpenStack release, called Havana.

The solution by FIS-ASP makes possible the cost-efficient and simple build-up of Iaas Private Clouds, and also their reliable operation and control: consequently, it also does the same thing for used Hybrid Cloud concepts.

Matthias Braun, Head of the SAP Delivery department at FIS-ASP, noted the following on the Suse-Cloud vote: “For over two years now, we have been involved in the OpenStack project and its development, and also in the possibility for using OpenStack in the Enterprise environment.

After an evaluation and also implementation of a PoC, we have concluded that the OpenStack distribution provided by Suse best matches the requirements that we, as a service provider and system integrator, have in opting for IaaS Cloud Computing. This applies both in the SAP and the non-SAP environment respectively.

We also view as an advantage the use of Suse Cloud and OpenStack, for instance, together with VMWare solutions and other Hypervisor environments. It furthermore propels us forward in our digitalization strategy.”

The SAP service providers regard it as aparticularly big advantage that the Suse Cloud 3 solutions make new high-availability features available, with these indeed being further extended in Suse Cloud 4. “It‘s clear that beneficial Suse cloud features like these are welcome to us, as a provider of hosting services and Cloud services, and are important. Both we and our customers gain from this, of course”, Matthias Braun notes.

FIS-ASP and E-3 Magazine (German) July/August 2014

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