iso enbw data governance sap s4 hana [shutterstock: 1102327574, everything possible]
[shutterstock: 1102327574, everything possible]
Press Release SOH and S/4

EnBW Establishes Holistic Data Governance In S/4 Hana

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG relies on the integrated data governance process from ISO Professional Services and increases the data quality of the business partner in its SAP landscape with the help of the integrated data quality management tools. At the same time, the company succeeded in setting up a comprehensive data governance process.

In its previously used SAP R/3 system, EnBW used SAP standard transactions as well as its own customizations to enter and maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable without the further technical support of quality and plausibility checks. With the introduction of the integrated business partner during a change to S/4 Hana at EnBW, there was a need and opportunity to raise the master data process of the integrated business partner to a new level of efficiency and data quality. 

The next logical step: a suitable duplicate check was to be implemented for the SAP landscape. ISO Professional Services defined various processes to systematically increase data quality, both when creating and maintaining master data. “Systematic” is the relevant keyword here since there had not been a system in the company until now that automatically checks the business partners’ data for plausibility and correctness. 

The solutions offered by ISO Professional Services work “out of the box”. Thus, the Nuremberg software company was able to fulfill another criterion, namely, to make the products used available at short notice. In addition, important process and solution settings could be clarified in workshops before the start of the implementation in accordance with EnBW’s requirements, which further shortened the implementation time. 

Although the ISO solutions had only been in use at EnBW for a short time, it was quickly apparent that the original requirement, which was to create error-free business partner data using automated processes and checks, worked flawlessly with Marlin Duplicate Check at EnBW. Duplicates in the system were now prevented in an automated manner to the greatest possible extent. The dual control principle of the data governance process ensures that master data is created reliably and comprehensibly.

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