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[Shutterstock: 366038114, Dirk Ercken]
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Suse SLES: An All-Embracing OS From Start To Finish

Hana, Hadoop and Hana Vora with Suse SLES help companies become more agile and efficient. The combination of these solutions also supports companies on their way to digitalization.

On big-data applications, performance plays a major role. Through close cooperation with SAP, Suse SLES ensures that both Hana and a Hadoop cluster, as well as the interlocking of Hana and Hadoop in the case of Hana Vora, are set up so as to produce maximum performance.

This is done based on SLES for SAP Applications, that is to say a comprehensive operating-system platform. Yet that’s not all. In the use of big data applications, much depends on a simple but effective and comprehensive infrastructure management, something that Suse supports to the full extent by means of its Suse Manager.

Hana Vora uses and extends the data-processing framework Apache Spark, in accordance with SAP; in doing so, it makes comprehensive, interactive analyses possible in the Hadoop open-source solution.



As part of this, the central platform, Hana, is supplemented by Hana Vora; the latter makes it possible to gain new knowledge and insights through the analysis of large quantities of operative, context-related data, obtained from company applications, data warehouses, data lakes and IoT sensors in the network periphery.

Suse and E-3 Magazine (German) Cover Story June 2016

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Friedrich Krey, Suse

Friedrich Krey is Global Alliance Director SAP at Infosys.

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