Datavard Glue Available On Microsoft Azure
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Datavard Glue Available On Microsoft Azure

Datavard Glue, software for integrating SAP landscapes with big data applications, has successfully passed the review process and is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource.

As detailed in a Datavard blog post, having SAP based data within a data lake is very helpful when it comes to implementing scenarios such as fraud detection, churn reduction, or predictive maintenance.

For example, you can identify equipment such as machinery or trucks which should be serviced through their maintenance history (stored in SAP, of course) and sensor data (streaming into your Hadoop cluster). Then, you can generate new maintenance orders automatically in SAP. These are based on a machine learning/prediction scenario implemented on your cluster in Spark and Scala, using MLLib.

To implement such scenarios, you need to put together several pieces of technology and data. This comes with a serious set of challenges, which many businesses are not equipped to handle.

Datavard Glue can help

Datavard Glue therefore helps organizations to bring together all their available data and run deep-dive analytics, machine learning and big data scenarios. This software helps IT teams to build data lakes enriched with SAP data.

Thanks to Datavard Glue, businesses can unlock new insights and map out strategies based on ample data that until now has been inaccessible for analysis.

Datavard Glue enables you to:

  • Unlock SAP for your data lakes, data scientists and big data/R-developers
  • Seamlessly integrate your SAP landscape with your big data applications
  • Design data lakes and enrich them with SAP data
  • Use big data applications across all SAP systems (Hana, CRM, ERP, BW, SRM)

In the fast-paced IT world, organizations need to be agile in adapting to changing market conditions and new industry trends.

To remain competitive, they are looking for apps that work with products and technologies they already use today. Microsoft AppStore is an online repository that connects business users with industry- and role-specific apps that help them do more. Datavard Glue being available there as well can help customers even more.


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