datastax astra serverless database [shutterstock: 1029020020, Stokkete]
[shutterstock: 1029020020, Stokkete]
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DataStax Delivers Open, Multi-Cloud Serverless Database

DataStax announced the general availability of Astra serverless, the industry’s first open, multi-cloud serverless database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

DataStax Astra builds upon the Apache Cassandra open source database and introduces a modern, microservices-based architecture that separates compute from storage, enabling database resources to scale up and down on demand to match application requirements and traffic independent of compute resources. This technical innovation can change the game for developers and IT by dramatically improving the costs, complexity, and developer velocity in operating a modern data architecture.

While serverless compute has been around for a while, serverless data has lagged due to the technical challenges around separating compute and storage. Scaling a database typically requires the addition of more server nodes in order to handle more demand or to store more data, which, in turn, requires that the entire data set is rebalanced across the nodes to keep the ratio of storage and computing capability equal. With the introduction of Astra serverless, developers will only pay for what they use, no matter how many database clusters they create and deploy. This flexibility brings faster application development and streamlined operations by letting developers and IT create as many databases as they need for development, testing, staging, or any other purpose.

DataStax has been focused on bringing Cassandra to every developer and enterprise, for any project. As such, the company has spent the past year introducing innovations such as the Astra DBaaS, to make Cassandra available to everyone, and the Stargate API gateway, to enable developers to build applications on Cassandra using JSON, REST, and GraphQL. With Astra’s serverless capabilities, DataStax is removing cost barriers to the use of Cassandra. 


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