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Cyberark alero remote work [shutterstock: 1006574452, GaudiLab]
[shutterstock: 1006574452, GaudiLab]
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Cyberark Alero Extends Zero Trust Access To Remote Workers

Cyberark announced expanded capabilities of Cyberark Alero to support emerging business continuity priorities.

Building on its core use case of enabling privileged access for remote vendors, Alero, a SaaS-based solution combining Zero Trust access and biometric multi-factor authentication, now allows remote employees simple and secure access to critical systems managed by Cyberark.

Securing access for remote workers is a critical element of business continuity strategies. According to Forrester, 88 percent of organizations cite provisioning employees with remote access technologies so they can work remotely from a location with internet access as a key workforce continuity/recovery strategy.

Additionally in just the last five years, remote work has grown 44 percent representing a clear need for organizations to ensure these workers, particularly those who require privileged access, can perform their jobs without disruption. The rise in employees working from home or other locations has security ramifications, and many organizations do not have the appropriate technology, infrastructure or internal resources to effectively manage risk.



What Cyberark Alero can do

Cyberark Alero is designed to provide fast, easy and secure privileged access to remote users including third party vendors, employees and contractors.

Cyberark is the first vendor to combine Zero Trust access, biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning without the use of VPNs, agents or passwords in one solution. Unlike VPN-based solutions, Cyberark Alero removes the need to deploy additional infrastructure or hardware and provides granular, role-based access to critical internal systems regardless of user type, target system or environment.


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