Codeless Platforms Releases Integration Tool For SAP Hana
Hana Press Release

Codeless Platforms Releases Integration Tool For SAP Hana

Codeless Platforms announced the release of SAP Business One Tool Pack v3.1 for BPA Platform which contains a new SAP Business One Service Layer (SL) Integration tool, alongside its SAP Business One (DIAPI) Integration tool and SAP Business One Event tool.

The Codeless Platforms Tool Pack provides consultants, developers and SAP Business One partners with everything they need to integrate applications and software with B1, whether on Hana or SQL databases, and then automate the transfer of data between them.

Users can perform tasks such as retrieving information or executing an operation to automatically add, update or delete items; such as invoices, sales orders or business partner information.

Matt Lidster, Managing Director, Codeless Platforms, said, “The introduction of the new Service Layer provides SAP Business One users with a great deal more flexibility as it exposes more objects, fields and operations, and can also respond quicker to SAP Business One developments, such as the release of a new object. Our integration tools enable organisations to connect to B1. They also automate the transfer of data no matter which database the ERP system is on.”


Historically, Business One relied on Microsoft SQL for data management. However, the introduction of Hana, its own database, has allowed SAP to offer customers a REST-based API (Service Layer). It enables them to connect applications and software directly to SAP Business One’s data and services as well as run the Service Layer in both cloud and on-premises environments.

New APIs for Codeless Platforms’ integration tool

The Codeless Platforms SAP Business One (SL) Integration tool is therefore useful for organisations wishing to communicate with SAP Business One over the Service Layer via REST APIs, in contrast to the SAP Business One (DIAPI) Integration tool which communicates with SAP Business One over the Data Interface (DI) API.

The tool can expose the objects and fields of multiple company databases. This consequently allows operations such as Get, Add, Update, Delete, Search, and in some circumstances, Cancel, or Close. BPA Platform tools, including Run Microsoft Reporting Services and Web Service Connector, can consume these objects and fields.

The SAP Business One (SL) Integration tool can also consume an XML or recordset data source, as well as output from BPA Platform tools such as Database Query (ODBC/OLEDB) and Import Flat File.

The third feature of Tool Pack v3.1 is the SAP Business One Event tool. The Event Agent monitors SAP Business One for modifications to the company database or when a specific event occurs. Once an event has been detected, it notifies the SAP Business One Event tool to trigger a task sequence. This tool works on both Hana and SQL Server.

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