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Codeless Platforms Releases BPA Platform 2020

Codeless Platforms added a new interface, tools and enhanced functionality to the latest release of the integration and automation platform BPA Platform.

Codeless Platforms announced that it has released BPA Platform 2020, the latest version of its integration and business process automation platform. As well as a redesigned interface and new installation console, the platform now includes an HTML Pro Tool that gives users more flexibility when importing and editing email templates and dashboards, as well as a more user-friendly task design centre.

Codeless Platforms’ HTML Pro Tool

The new HTML Pro Tool enables users to import and then edit email templates, portals and dashboards via a raw HTML design and layout area.

Tables can be created automatically via drag and drop technology, and multiple record sets can be used within one HTML Pro Tool instance.


The HTML Pro Tool now supports up to HTML 5 and CSS 3 styling, where clients support it, and has improved handling of Unicode and relative resources for images handled locally within the task step, removing any problems with linked files.

New tools in BPA Platform 2020

Other key tool updates included in BPA Platform 2020:

  • New Retrieve Text Message Tool: Ability to receive inbound SMS communications, that can then be consumed within a BPA Platform task.
  • Updated Send Text Message Tool: Create connections for multiple ToucanText accounts to manage all SMS requirements.
  • Updated Send Email Tool: Can be configured to multiple email servers.
  • Updated OLEDB and ODBC Database Query Tools: Added support for dynamic connections and ability to query multiple databases all within one task.
  • Updated Event Log: New ‘audit’ types to aid product management and traceability.

BPA Platform 2020 has a new scalable interface, including zoom functionality to aid in navigation of larger tasks, as well as added functionality to facilitate easier, faster creation and organisation of business processes.

BPA Platform 2020 now supports Windows Server 2019 and output support for Microsoft Office 2019. This added output support provides the ability to export the Run as Word (Merge) tool, Save File, Run Microsoft Reporting Services and Run Crystal Reports outputs, in Microsoft office 2019 formats.

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