Cloud Foundry Investment And Deployments Increasing
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Cloud Foundry Investment And Deployments Increasing

Broad deployment of Cloud Foundry has nearly doubled in just the last two years, according to the latest report released by Cloud Foundry Foundation, home to open source projects helping build the future of cloud applications.

The study was released at the Foundation’s European Cloud Foundry Summit in The Hague. It revealed that 45 percent of user respondents describe their Cloud Foundry use as “broad” compared to 30 percent in 2018 and 24 percent in 2017. Furthermore, 39 percent of developers are deploying applications in less than one day. Nearly one in five respondents started using the platform in just the last 12 months, indicating a healthy and growing community of developers.

The broadening adoption is expected to continue with investments in the Cloud Foundry platform deepening. Nearly half of survey respondents report they have at least 100 developers using the platform. This is a significant jump from just one-third last year. Additionally, the share of companies with more than 50 applications on Cloud Foundry grew from 24 percent in 2017 to 43 percent in 2019.

Cloud Foundry as proven, agile platform

According to an analysis by a third-party source, which has technology that provides engineering observability over the entire software development lifecycle, the Cloud Foundry project total number of commits per month remains quite high with a total of 50,000 per month over the past year. The highest levels of activity are centered around the Stratos UI project, Eirini and Quarks. In addition, project velocity is on the upswing this year, with average time to merge reduced from eight days down to three days most recently.


“As businesses navigate digital transformation and developers drive innovation across cloud native environments, one thing is very clear. They are turning to Cloud Foundry as a proven, agile, and flexible platform – not to mention fast – for building into the future,” said Abby Kearns, executive director at Cloud Foundry Foundation. “The survey also underscores the anchor the platform provides across the enterprise. It enables developers to build, support, and maximize emerging technologies.”

The 2019 User Survey also confirmed the positive impact of Cloud Foundry’s developer-first commitment. By eliminating complexities in workflow and reducing application development cycles by weeks or even months, developers are able to focus their attention on the creation of applications.

 Key findings from the report

  • Developers save time, companies save money. More apps in less time. A plurality of users (39 percent) have application development cycles of less than one day. More than three-quarters (77 percent) of users report application development cycles of fewer than three weeks.
  • Cross-platform flexibility remains crucial. Cloud Foundry users continue to value the flexibility the platform provides. 9 out of 10 users cite this as important. Serverless computing usage among Cloud Foundry users is up 10 points from 2018. Notably, this is double the rate of increase in Kubernetes usage. This indicates that developer-centric technologies are on the rise.
  • Confidence in the platform is steady and growing. In a mere two year period, broad deployment of the platform has nearly doubled. Nearly a majority (45 percent) of user respondents describes their Cloud Foundry use as “broad” compared to 30 percent in 2018 and 23 percent in 2017.
  • And so is investment in the platform. A full 41 percent of user companies have at least 100 developers using Cloud Foundry. The number of user companies with more than 50 applications deployed on Cloud Foundry rose to 43 percent compared to 24 percent in 2017. Furthermore, companies that are currently migrating applications to the platform are up 11 points (63 percent).

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