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Celonis Announces Multi-Event Log

Celonis announced its Celonis Multi-Event Log which automatically analyzes and optimizes interactions among interconnected business processes.

Traditional process mining delivers value to customers by identifying and eliminating execution gaps one process at a time. However, in many aspects of business, a bottleneck or a gap in one process will impact others either upstream or downstream. For example, in a procurement process, a single invoice can impact multiple sales orders in the order-to-cash process. However, understanding the connection between multiple orders and their impact on key customer metrics like on-time delivery with single process logs is nearly impossible. Closing the execution gap in a purchase-to-pay process and fully optimizing cash flow requires a full picture that combines all interconnected processes, which is now possible with Celonis’ Multi-Event Log.

Celonis Multi-Event Log extends optimization to multiple, simultaneous processes, allowing organizations to gain total visibility of execution gaps in end-to-end processes and previously unachievable insights. Available immediately for all new and existing customers, Multi-Event Log presents Celonis users with easy-to-understand, visual representations of the impact of bottlenecks across multiple processes.

The ability to optimize interconnected processes also enables greater agility to respond to both existing circumstances and unforeseen crises, generating more resilience across an organization and global supply chains. In times of global pandemic, this cross-process analysis and execution is critical to achieving a company’s financial objectives.


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