CeBIT Scale11: Shaping Smart Cities with SAP
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CeBIT Scale11: Shaping Smart Cities with SAP

IP Gallery and Enersis, both members of the SAP Startup Focus program will be holding a presentation later today at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Their goal: change the way cities work by putting the citizens at the center and providing digital insights for better decision making through Hana.

Cities that want to grow and attracting young people need to transform. They need to put their citizens in the center, caring about their well being, both day to day and in emergency. To achieve that goal, modern cities need to be at the forefront of digitalization.

Two startups from SAP’s Startup Focus program are trying their best to enable cities to achieve that goal. As part of the CeBIT Scale 11 series, IPgallery and Enersis will be giving a presentation titled “Shaping the landscape of smart cities with next-gen and personalized insights” later today.

The Citizen-First Approach

In today’s session at CeBIT, IPgallery will describe it’s Smart City solution, to enable the city to better serve their citizens, enable them to get to work faster by improving transportation and improve their health by improving the quality of the air, reducing CO2 emissions and more.


Enersis will follow up by presenting their Visual Energy Analytics solution for smart cities and utility companies.

As Regions and municipalities are looking to use smart technologies to change and shape their future, smart city promotion of digital technology has moved from the innovativon to the implementation stage.

In particular,  greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy and heat consumption are moving to the center of attention. Through energy transition, the utility industry has become disruptive across the value chain, new players see an opportunity to take away market share and put pressure on traditional service providers.

Visual Energy Analytics on Hana

In that context, Enersis has developed a data management and analytics platform based on Hana. Visual Energy Analytics by Enersis bring together data related to energy consumption and technical values, refines and visualizes them in a geographic map-oriented context.

At Scale 11 Main Stage hosted by the SAP Startup Focus the Enersis tea, will present its offering and will refer to its combined solution of an intuitive and multi-user group CO2-portal, proposing analytics and visualization of energetic building refurbishment (bottom-up) and comprehensive greenhouse gas emission reduction monitoring (top-down).

This combined solution will help develop businesses and new services around energy and heat transition, and provide municipalities as well as large companies valuable insights on their CO2 -emissions development.

Subsequently, all players will get support for a more efficient and well-founded strategic and political decision making process as well as the management of investments. CeBIT visitors will be able to attend the 30-minute presentation live:

“Shaping The Landscape of Smart Cities With Next-Gen And Personalized Insights” – 01:30pm CET, Hall 11, Scale – 11 Main Stage. 

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