Startups from SAPs Startup Focus program enable companies to accelerate their digital transformation. [shutterstock:403414321, zaozaa19]
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CeBIT Scale 11: How SAP Startups Accelerate Digital Transformation in Key Markets

SAP's Startup Focus program continues their series of presentations later today as part of CeBIT Scale 11 by showcasing two more startups. MyOmega Systems can play a key role in creating new technology solutions for Industry 4.0, while Shamat puts the power of marketing intelligence into the user's hand. Both companies leverage SCP and Hana to achieve their goals.

The presentation will take place on the Scale 11 Main Stage, today at 01:00pm CET and is hosted by Luisa Silva, Head of Market Enablement and Go-to-Market at SAP’s Startup Focus EMEA.

MVPs for Industy 4.0

Startup Focus member MyOmega Systems acts as a relevant player in internet of things. Their IoT-based solutions play a key role in the context of digital transformation and human empowerment.

MyOmega Systems leverage SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and Hana IoT Enablement to create new technology solutions for the Industry 4.0.


Their solutions enable the fast implementation of user scenarios. These are minimum viable products (MVP) that offer a true measurable benefit for our customers. The following user scenarios are available:

  • Shop Floor Monitoring, collect data out of electrical cabinets, monitor your shop floors, control your energy consumption, monitor your operation and optimize efficiency.
  • Product Monitoring, link your products in the field with the cloud. Monitor your products and link the user, 3rd party retail and service teams and your own operation. Ensure better usage and customer value of your products and a customer interaction during the entire lifetime.
  • Logistic monitoring (IBIN solution), developed with Würth Electronic, manages thousands of articles within an electronic Kanban system, an automated supply chain and electronic inventory.
  • Transport monitoring, supervise and monitor goods during the transport, provide to your “Just in Time Logistic” the possibility to act on any event that can happen during transportation.
  • Machinery monitoring, link your SPS controlled machines to the cloud. Supervise your machines in terms of utilization, status, maintenance, performance and optimize your operation.

Crystal Balls for Marketing Managers

As for Shamat, they quite literally provide crystal balls by offering a marketing intelligence solution that helps companies have a clear view of their digital performance in their market: key insights to market faster, more precisely and therefore more successfully.

In fact, companies today collect a huge amount of data about their marketing activities and beyond. Think about their websites, apps analytics, their social media, advertising results, the tracking of people, the media talking about their brand and even the IoT data from their products usage.

This data represents a gold mine for managers to maximize their marketing budget and to make better business decisions, while contributing to the digital transformation of their businesses

But what do they actually do with all this data? Nothing, usually – in the best case scenario, they create nice dashboards with a lot of graphic charts.

What about the results? Managers often feel overwhelmed by analytics and waste lots of time and money to pay data analysts and still end up taking decisions by instinct, even in 2017, letting slip opportunities right through their fingers.

Shamat solves this problem by enabling companies to leverage their data. The solution accesses all the data flows that are relevant for the brand, both internal and external and even gathers information about their competition.

Thanks to SCP, Shamat solution correlates this data and digs out key insights that managers should be aware of: the whys behind what happened and the actions to succeed in their market.

Visitors can attend the presenation live:

“Discover how SAP Startups are contributing to accelerate Digital Transformation in key markets” – 01:00 pm CET, Hall 11, Scale 11 – Main Stage.

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