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Atos Cloud Texas Usa [shutterstock: 494317324, CrackerClips Stock Media]
[shutterstock: 494317324, CrackerClips Stock Media]
Cloud Press Release

Atos To Deliver Cloud Services To The State Of Texas

Atos North America was awarded a multi-year contract with the State of Texas’ Department of Information Resources (DIR) to deliver private cloud transformation and artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

This modernization will automate processes, create efficiencies, free-up resources and improve service delivery quality for the Texas’ agencies and residents.

The Texas Private Cloud will provide server computing, data center facilities and data center network management services for DIR’s government customers. Atos’ delivery of infrastructure services for servers, networks and data center operations will create an ecosystem that is adaptive, resilient, affordable and secure.

Texas and Atos: Long-standing partnership

“The Texas Department of Information Resources has re-imagined how to address the state’s business and technical dynamics to better position the State of Texas for the digital future,” said Todd Kimbriel, State of Texas Chief Information Officer, Texas Department of Information Resources. “DIR has partnered with Atos to provide a secure, scalable and agile private cloud platform. We look forward to this continuing partnership and the way our partners reimagine the delivery of digital services.”

Working with the State of Texas since 2012, Atos looks forward to working toward DIR’s objectives to streamline and empower its suite of shared services to efficiently and cost-effectively serve the state’s agencies and institutions of higher education facilities.


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