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Americans Scared That Supply Chain Issues Will Ruin Their Life Plans

Recent supply chain delays and disruptions have negatively impacted the lives of Americans, leaving many feeling frustrated, angry, and scared that the disruptions will never end, according to a study by Oracle.

The study of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers found that worries about more delivery delays, product shortages, and disruptions are worsening across the nation due to the rise of new COVID-19 variants.

Over the past year, supply chain disruptions have become top-of-mind for nearly all Americans and have had a widespread impact on day-to-day life.

  • Almost half (45 percent) of people admit they never thought about how products were delivered prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now nearly everybody (91 percent) considers the supply chain when making a purchase.
  • 87 percent of people have been negatively impacted by supply chain issues over the past year, with many Americans unable to purchase certain items due to shortages (60 percent), forced to cancel orders due to delays (51 percent), and even rationing essential items out of fear of running out (40 percent).
  • 43 percent of people admitted they’ve blamed missed gifts for special occasions on supply chain issues and that they have hurt people they care about as a result (17 percent). Men (57 percent) are twice as likely as women (29 percent) to blame the lack of a gift on supply chain issues. Men (24 percent) are also twice as likely as women (12 percent) to cry over not being able to buy the items they need.
  • Supply chain disruptions have left people feeling frustrated (61 percent), impatient (46 percent), anxious (45 percent), and angry (34 percent). Nearly all (92 percent) are concerned that supply chain shortages will prevent them from being able to buy what they need, and 66 percent are worried it will ruin their holidays.

Will disruptions ever end?

Americans are increasingly worried that supply chain disruptions will continue to negatively impact their futures with many seeing no end in sight. 82 percent of people are concerned that ongoing supply chain disruptions will ruin their life plans, such as birthdays, holidays, trips, and purchasing necessary items like school supplies.

92 percent of people believe there will be more supply chain disruptions in the future, and two-thirds (66 percent) are scared that these issues will never end. People are most fearful of out of stock items (62 percent), challenges in buying seasonal products (45 percent), and increased stress and anxiety while shopping (44 percent).

91 percent of people plan to change their buying behavior moving forward, including buying in bulk and stocking up on items (49 percent), purchasing gifts earlier to allow for delays (45 percent), and paying closer attention to global shortages of items they regularly use (40 percent).

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