Order processing automation allows Accord to save up to 140 monthly hours. [shutterstock: 465441710, cybrian]
[shutterstock: 465441710, cybrian]
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Accord Healthcare Saving 140 Hours Per Month on Order Processing

Esker reports working with Accord Healthcare, a leading generic products pharmaceutical company, to automate the company’s order management processes. Savings in hours per month as well as instant access to information were among the implementation's key features.

With Esker’s cloud-based order processing automation solution, Accord Healthcare has reduced the time it takes to process an order from three minutes to 80 seconds, freeing up its customer service representative (CSR) teams to spend more time on higher-value tasks.

Accord Healthcare is a fully owned subsidiary of Intas Pharmaceuticals , an Indian pharmaceutical company created in 1976. Headquartered in London, Accord Healthcare manages Intas’ European activities with a presence in over 30 European markets.

The company is rapdily becoming one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies on the market.

Accord Healthcare receives 5,000 orders each month, 85 percent of which arrive by fax and email, and the rest by electronic data interchange (EDI).


These orders had previously been processed manually (excluding EDI) and required Accord Healthcare to add more staff to handle increasing volumes.

With Eskers document process automation solution, Accord Healthcare is now able to process all orders from a single interface.

Additionally, its customizable dashboards allow CSR teams to monitor daily activities and order statuses, enabling them to make strategic decisions, prioritize tasks and allocate resources based on peak business activity.

First reports from Esker show savings in excess of 140 workhours per months via faster and more efficient order processing. Also, with the new solution Accord Healthcare was able to reportedly increase workflow visibility to 100 percent.

That means all orders and their relating status (e.g. orders to approve, orders pending, etc.) can now be tracked and viewed.

Customer response time has also improved as Accord now has instant access to required information as well as reducing low-value order entry tasks and the associated errors.

“Esker represents a customer service guarantee from a responsiveness standpoint: even if CSR is temporarily unavailable or on vacation, order processing will not be delayed,” said María Carmen Cano, customer service manager at Accord Healthcare, Spain.

She adds,“We are more efficient thanks to the complete visibility we have over our order process and the reduced time it takes to process each order. Our CSR teams have more time for customer service and are able to deliver more personalized service.”


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