Datavard brings behaviour analytics to SAP [Shutterstock:521305132, Elnur]

Datavard brings behaviour analytics to SAP [Shutterstock:521305132, Elnur]

User Behavior Analytics with Datavard HeatMap

Most web-applications utilize user behavior intelligence as a source to identify optimization potential. However, these types of analysis are often not available for business applications such as SAP. Datavard HeatMap enables SAP customers to track user behavior for data and objects in running systems. This insight supports continuous optimization of data governance, user behavior and user engagement, as well as system performance. The tool analyses BW as well as ERP systems.

“Process analytics is a standard tool in every department, but is rarely utilized in SAP IT operations”, reveals Gregor Stoeckler, CEO Datavard. “With HeatMap, SAP customers can tap into the potential of usage statistics and we developed metrics to optimize their SAP system operations. An excellent example is usage of time-slice – month or year – data.”

(…) our customers are very focused on leveraging the potential of separating important from unimportant data which is critical for their business success.

Gregor StoecklerCEO, Datavard


Close Cooperation with Randstad

Thanks to 30 predefined benchmarks, HeatMap recognizes potential for improvement and inefficiencies in data management, performance tuning, application retirement, testing, compliance and security.

This tool was developed in close cooperation with Randstad. “Heatmap is unique. We generate a lot more inside information about our system without actually asking a single user. With this insight the most important pain points are easy to spot and fix”, explains Andreas Foerger, Netweaver Solution Architect at Randstad.

Alternative Applications

Another customer example who used HeatMap for performance tuning very successfully shows how far the optimization potential can actually go. According to Datavard, a large German bank was able to utilize the usage analysis to identify slow reports, accumulating over 1000 hours of waiting time per day.

Test management can also profit from HeatMap. Datavard says a leading supplier of consumer goods identified the 500 top inquiries and thereby was able to reduce testing by 320 hours per SAP Support Package thanks to the usage statistics analysis.

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