Headquarters of SAP in Walldorf
Headquarters of SAP in Walldorf
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SAP’s Partner Port in Germany: Walldorf’s Commitment

In May, Dell opened its Global SAP Center of Excellence in Walldorf. With the new office complex and a Data Center, Dell is nailing its flag to the masthead and reacting to increasing demand for its solutions in the SAP market.

SAP’s Partner Port in Walldorf is where all the threads come together. This is where Dell coordinates its global activities based around the whole spectrum of SAP’s solutions. It all started with the opening of the Global SAP Center of Excellence, in May. All the company’s SAP-related sales and pre-sales activities are managed from there.

The Global SAP Center Consultants deliver customer support worldwide to the strategic clients on all technical and organizational matters. An important prerequisite for providing best customer support is physical proximity to SAP’s headquarters. This is highly advantageous in terms of coordination and communication. This is how the direct link to SAP’s development department is ensured.

In addition contacts to other partner companies also based at the Partner Port, e.g. Suse, Red Hat, VMware, Intel, SGI and Accenture, are highly valuable.  In almost all SAP application scenarios, different components of various solution providers are working together – the earlier that these are coordinated with one another and are tested in terms of their interactions, the better it is for the SAP customers.

As a result, there is a reduced resource commitment involved in integration on the spot when a specific solution scenario is being implemented. Rapid and close coordination with SAP is the responsibility of a Global Technical Alliance Manager at Dell. He establishes the interface with the SAP development and thus knows the precise roadmaps of the products at a very early stage – in both directions. In turn, this knowledge flows directly into Dell’s SAP-based solutions.

What is important at this stage is not solely the input from SAP but also that of other strategic hardware and software partners from the SAP “ecosystem”. When undertaking project management and implementation of solutions, both for companies operating internationally and also for the typical small-to-medium-sized enterprise, the Global SAP Center of Excellence pursues a three-staged approach.

There are Subject Matter Experts at country-level, Enterprise Technologists at regional level and Global SAP Enterprise Solution Consultants. If Dell launches a new SAP-related solution on the market, it is initially the pre-sales team that talks with interested customers, drawing together first experience, in terms of proof of concepts and also in subsequent productive implementations.

Here the Global SAP Center of Excellence is also responsible for “field engagement” or respectively for training and tuition in a broader sense, thereby guaranteeing the global transfer of know-how – both within Dell and also to partners. Through engaging with the customer on the spot, the staff get involved in numerous exciting projects. This knowledge flows back into the Dell organization – firstly in the form of best practice and secondly into new products and solutions.

The Global SAP Center of Excellence operates as a think-tank that is focussed 100 per cent on SAP. It is also here that the global strands of activity are drawn together for Cloud, Big Data, IoT and Security. Alongside the worldwide cooperation of all SAP-related activities, the company is also extending its cooperation with local partners. SAP projects generally and Hana projects specifically are important growth areas for Dell.

As a result, the company is strengthening the joint implementation of projects in which partners bring in their experience specific to particular business sectors and their SAP know-how. In this context, the target group is medium sized companies from all business sectors, among whom Dell is traditionally strongly represented.

The new office complex also has a dedicated Data Center. Here, staff members can undertake feasibility studies jointly with partners and make test implementations. At a very early stage, interested parties and customers can obtain a good overview as to whether and  how their ideas can actually be implemented.

Dell and E-3 Magazine (German) Cover Story November 2015

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Jens Peter (JP) Gotter, Dell

Jens Peter (JP) Gotter is Head of Global SAP Center of Excellence and a Director at Dell in Frankfurt/Main.

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