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ecosio Ltd

Address 12 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7AP United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 3369 5760 Website: www.ecosio.com
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Biographical Info

Who we are

ecosio is a leading provider of B2B integration, specialising in electronic data interchange (EDI), supplier relationship management (SRM) and e-invoicing. We provide automated communication across entire supply chains and have clients across a wide range of industries – from brewers to cable car manufacturers.

Our team is characterised by our professional and friendly team spirit, which transcends internal hierarchies. We love technology, set high standards for it and continue to develop it with full commitment to our customers. It’s this attitude and drive that makes us popular and successful in the field of B2B integration.

What we offer: Unparalleled SAP Integration

ecosio’s fully managed solution enables direct integration with SAP ERP and S/4HANA, while also supporting existing SAP middleware.

Whether you have no system integration in use, still run on an old SAP Business Connector, or rely on local EDI converters or solutions by SAP (such as SAP Process Integration, SAP Process Orchestration or SAP Cloud Platform Integration), ecosio offers tailor-made solutions for every application scenario.

How our B2B integration solution works

IDocs are exchanged with the SAP system via a central connection to ecosio’s unique Integration Hub. The conversion to and from the target formats of your various business partners takes place directly in our Integration Hub, which also handles the delivery and status updates of your messages.

Direct integration is attained via a separate and SAP certified ABAP programme acting as middleware between your SAP system and ecosio. Communication is encrypted and happens with ecosio API via HTTPS. If a business is already set up with integration solutions such as SAP PI, SAP PO or SAP Cloud PI, a connection with ecosio is even simpler and takes on only the routing and/or mapping of EDI messages.

As a result, your SAP system requires just one connection to ecosio Integration Hub to become your EDI control centre – including full text search of all your EDI messages and the option to edit stalled IDocs directly in SAP GUI.

A fully managed approach

With ecosio, EDI does not end when the turn-key-ready connection is handed over – with us EDI is a continuous process. Customers will no longer have to endure the frustration of seeing cryptic error messages or searching for stuck messages in various EDI portals and platforms. ecosio’s operations team is always at hand to identify and resolve errors proactively.

By offering round-the-clock message monitoring / error handling as well as a dedicated project manager to provide end-to-end management of partner onboardings, ecosio hugely reduces the pressure on internal teams, saving you time, money and stress.

Your benefits with ecosio

  • Simplicity – One connection for all EDI partners
  • Efficiency – Data exchange with all protocols and formats
  • Ease of Use – Direct integration in your SAP system via API
  • Flexibility – Modular supply chain solutions to suit your needs
  • Compliance – No need to worry about e-invoicing regulations
  • Future-Proof – Automatic implementation of updates and renewal of certificates
  • Peace of Mind – Comprehensive support and 24/7 monitoring
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Updated 11 months ago.