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Review: Implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is a powerful application, allowing users to forecast financial results using historical data and variable inputs, reconcile differences between budgeted and actual costs, perform month-end financial consolidation, and more. In the three years since SAP Press’ last foray into SAP BPC implementation, a lot has changed. All of this is covered in this new edition of a timeless FICO offering.

What will you learn?

Embedded consolidation’s release has come to rival that of the standalone delivery option, and no-latency business processes have become the norm. SAP Press’ updated Implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation aims to teach you about these new features, and does so in an easy to understand way.

This is a comprehensive guide, so any question you might have about implementing SAP BPC has an answer in these pages. Follow step-by-step instructions related to loading data into your SAP BPC system, and learn how to report with said data. This book doesn’t just cover the standard version of the SAP BPC 10.1 solution, but the embedded version too. Discover how to plan, budget, and forecast in both—make the most of your financial data, no matter which path you choose with SAP BPC.

This isn’t everything you’ll learn, though; so far, we’ve only talked about the “planning” part of SAP BPC. All of your consolidation tasks are laid out here, too—find out how to set up ownership, intercompany eliminations, journal entries, and more for both standard and embedded implementations, with a look into Real-Time Consolidation as well.


Other highlights include:

  • Reporting
  • Data loading
  • SAP Hana
  • Data Manager
  • Migration
  • Security

Who is this book for?

There are four key groups that will find value in this book. The first is the beginner consultant. If you’ve never gone through an SAP BPC implementation, or if you’ve just done one in the past, this book’s 900+ pages can serve as a saving grace. For the consultant who has done this a few times, chances are you haven’t discovered all the time-saving tips that authors Peter Jones and Tim Soper have included. You’ll find them here.

IT consultants will learn what is important to know for a seamless installation, and how to ensure peak performance once you’ve gone live. Meanwhile, managers will appreciate the description of SAP BPC options available to them, and how they can make decisions that will make everything easier on the three groups listed above.

You can find the book on the SAP Press website and read a sample chapter by clicking on the “Browse the Book” button beneath the book’s cover.

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