Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Why Lenovo For Hana Landscapes?
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Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Why Lenovo For Hana Landscapes?

Lenovo System x and SAP have been working together for years in providing innovative solutions to mutual customers. Right back when the first SAP-in-memory solution came onto the market in 2006, Lenovo began to supply in-memory systems for SAP customers. The complete special is available as PDF at the bottom of the page.

Jointly with the SAP development team, right from the beginning, we have successfully implemented developments and client projects based on SAP Hana. With its experience and the X6 technology of Lenovo SAP Hana Appliances and Hana-TDI solutions, Lenovo is an important and reliable partner of SAP and its clients.

This is why Lenovo currently holds one of the largest portfolios of SAP-certified solutions for Hana.

Lenovo solutions for Hana are based on high-calibre Lenovo-X6 servers that were developed for particularly demanding enterprise-computing requirements – particularly a need for very large memory resources, as well as for reliability comparable to that of a mainframe.

Focus: Performance and Cost

Outstanding RAS features as well as the modular design mean that unplanned downtimes are avoided, including possibilities such as rolling firmware updates (updates that do not constrain performance.)

The product-offering for Hana is rounded off by high energy-efficiency, simple implementation and system-management tools. Directed at reduction of overall operating costs, these features are backed-up by a comprehensive services product range and support from Lenovo.

Limitless Scalability

The solution’s advantage for the client is almost limitless scalability of these systems, based on the easy-to-extend building blocks. Taking the x3850/ x3950 servers as their basis, they can use ‘scale-up’ to grow from 126 GB to 12 TB in a system.

Using ‘scale-out’ for analytical SAP application scenarios and based on the 4 TB nodules, they can grow up to 376 TB. No laborious network infrastructures and SAN infrastructures are necessary to extend the appliance solution. You benefit from a uniform system landscape that is simple to operate.

This results in reduced complexity and costs for the future Hana environment.

Based on these servers, you also operate Lenovo solutions for SAP Hana Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI). Lenovo offers a further possible option to select with the Hana Certified Enterprise-Storage solution. A combination of x3650 servers and the Suse Enterprise Storage solution, you have all the options in terms of growth, performance and availability.


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